Tan Dinh is well-known as the “pink cathedral” as it is painted in all pink. Located on 2839 Hai Ba Trung Street, the unique pink cathedral attracts so many visitors and become a hot attraction in Ho Chi Minh City.

Built in 1870, it has a hundred-year history. The architecture of Tan Dinh cathedral is the fusion of the Roman and Baroque style. The exterior pink color is recognized as a unique and charming feature of Tan Dinh Cathedral, which makes it different from the conventional cathedral architecture.

The cathedral has three towers. The tallest among them which is also the main tower is 53-meter high. On the top of the tower, a three-meter cross is erected. The main tower also has five large bells with the total weight of 5.5 tons.

Inside the cathedral, two rows of colossal Gothic columns are the most distinguished feature. The altar is made of Italian marble. The sanctum is not open for everyone to visit on every occasion, you can only see its internal architecture in some certain events.

On Sunday, Tan Dinh Cathedral welcomes people from the surrounding area to worship. It is a great place to go for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

The pink cathedral is a lovely architecture of the city. The pink color of Tan Dinh Cathedral is a signature sight, which represents an unusual and lovely side of the city. It is also one of the tourists’ favorite places on their Ho Chi Minh tour. Moreover, you can easily include it on your customized day-tour in Ho Chi Minh with local travel agent.