The southern part of Vietnam is widely known as the land of rivers and canal. As the center of the north, Ho Chi Minh City is granted with tangled systems of river. As the result, many bridges are built to guarantee the transportation of the whole city. Here are the top 5 beautiful bridges in Ho Chi Minh City you should not miss when visiting this hectic city.


Cau Anh Sao (Starlight Bridge)

This is the first walking bridge in Vietnam. The bridge is located within the area of Phu My Hung Urban Area, a modern urban neighborhood of Saigon. In the both ends of the bridge, two squares are built: one is shaped like the moon and the other resemble the sun.

The roadway is equipped with a hidden light system, which shines like those stars across the universe. Walking along the bridge is like walking in the starry night sky, like the famous scene on Lalaland in which Sebastian and Mia dance and flee into the sky. The colorful lights are also installed in the stairs leading to the bridge and along the body of bridge. On one side of the bridge, there is a water-spraying systems.


Cau Phu My

Phu My Bridge is a modern cable-stayed road bridge which crosses Saigon River and links District 32 to District 7. With the length of 2031 an the height of 162,5 above the sea level, this is one of the grandest river on Ho Chi Minh. It also became the symbol of the dynamic energy of Saigon. This bridge also provide a good spot for photographers’ shooting.


Cau Mong 

Cau Mong is a bridge for pedestrians only just like the Anh Sao Bridge. With a eye-catching bright mint, this bridge stands out from the crowd and attracts the lenses of photographers.


Cau Thu Thiem

Cau Thu Thiem with its spacious and cool space for the young to hang out. From Thu Thiem Bridge, you can spare your eyes into the skyline of Saigon. From this perspective, Saigon looks gorgeous and shining just like the landscape of any other big city, say New York or Hong Kong.


Cau Khanh Hoi

Crossing Saigon River and connecting between Binh Thanh District and District 2, Khanh Hoi is an important bridge of the transport system of  Ho Chi Minh City. With a curvy shape, the bridge eases the eyes and softens straight line which is a dominant feature of the modern architecture.