Weather in Saigon: And how to deal with them

Saigon has 2 season: the dry and the rainy season. The rain season start from May to June. In this period it is important to bring with you a rain coat because you don’t know when the rain will visit. Don’t be so reckless about bring an emergent rain coat. Even when the weather looks perfectly fine and not sign of rain is coming, you have prepared. Because of the time, the rain will give you a jump-scared, out of the blue and unexpectedly.

The rain flood the city sometimes. When Saigon is flood, there is nothing you could do but have a pool party go fishing in literally every where within the city.


Besides the rain time, Saigon lives in summer for the whole years. People in Saigon rarely have to wear the layering coat, because the sun is around all year along and rentlessly burning. So, to prevent sunburn and overexposure to UV rays, always wear a sun-proof coat and sunglasses as well. Apply the sun-cream when going outside. And always bring a bottle of water with you when wandering around the city at this time of the year.


With a huge population and innumerous scooter transporting within the city, you should acknowledge about and be prepare for the unavoidable traffic jam. To deal with that, you should plan on a longer times than the real time the trip would take. For example, if you have to arrive the airport by 4, and it take 1 hour to drive straight form your place to the airport, then start at 2 stead of 3. Especially when you have to make it to the destination during the peak hour.


Saigon has a reputation for petty crime. Saigon’s potential seems to attract both good and evils. For the best, you should be careful when being outside the streets of this city.

Keep your valuable things away: cell phone, camera and money pocket. Avoid to show them out as much as possible because you don’t want to catch the hunting eyes of crime-doers. Do not try to venture into unknown or remote area.

If you know how to prevent those crimes from the very beginning, there are nothing could prevent you from enjoy your vocation in Sai Gon.