Southern Vietnam is geographically characterized by the immerse wetland. It has also become a favored attraction in many eco-tours. Tan Lap floating village recently attracts many tourists and is a new rising attraction of the Mekong River Delta.

Located in Long An Province, 100 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Lap is a new tourist attraction. Even though being called as the floating village, Tan Lap is actually a natural cajuput forest. Don’t expect to see the floating houses or anything like that but a sheer nature landscape.

One unique feature of Tan Lap is that there will be a long teak footbridge runs through the forest. Walking on a narrow path which is sided and surrounded by the towering and dense melaleuca trees is a unique experience. Unlike other crowded nature attractions, the path through the melaleuca forest is quite exclusive as the path is barely wide enough for two people. You can capture the whole nature scene without the interrupting of people. You will feel as if you are going on a mysterious adventure and losing in the maze with no idea of the entrance. It is also the main attraction and the most participated experiences.

Besides the wooden path, visitors can enjoy boating through the canals meandering through the dense forest while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere and listen closely to the life of other beings in the forest.

In the middle of the forest lying a 30-meter high tower where you can release your eyes over the whole area. From here, you can ease your eyes with a marvelous scene of the forest.

Tan Lap is the natural habitat for a wide variety of wild animals and plants. Visiting Tan Lap is a wonderful chance to explore the nature of a typical wetland in Vietnam. The Bird Garden in Tan Lap is where birds are protected at their natural habitat.

The forest is also well-known as an ideal place to see lotus bloom. During the summer, lotuses will bloom in the water lake within the forest.

Tan Lap is a newly-discovered star with a great potential. It is among the lesser-known destination for foreign tourists, which makes it even more worth-visiting and appealing.