Saigon boasts a fascinating food scene as great food could be found in every corner of the city. For tourists from other countries or from other regions, they are not likely to be exposed to the hidden food gems of the city which tucked away in small back-alleys of Saigon. Therefore, this post will introduce to five eateries far away from the busy streets.

Noodles with chicken on Kỳ Đồng Street

Even though not having an ideal location, this restaurant still attracts a large number of customers throughout the day. Operated for more than 40 years, this restaurant is very popular among the locals. It specializes in variations of chicken noodles from pho, bun (rice vermicelli), mien (vermicelli); besides, you can also order chicken salad which is also a highlight in the menu. The chicken here is tender, and fresh, which is the main factor contributed to the great bowls of chicken noodles.

Bánh mì Alley 39 Nguyễn Trãi Street

Located in the 39 Alley of Nguyen Trai Street, this banh my vendor is also a star of the Saigon cuisine. Banh my of this food stall scores remarkably for the super tasty meat. The banh my stall is not only the favored eatery of the locals but also renown to many foreign tourists. It even makes its appearance on international food review blogs. It is one of the worth-trying eats in the city.

Rice noodles with duck meat in Le Van Sy Alley

This spot is famously known as the “one-hour restaurant” which refer to its unusual opening time. Operated for over 30 years, the restaurant gains an incredible popularity for the quality of their dishes. Opened from 3:30 p.m every day, the foods prepared are all sold out just within one hour. Therefore to guarantee a seat, you have to arrive early.

Sizzling pancake (bánh xèo)

Bánh xèo is a famous and must-try delicacy of Saigon. Located in the small alley near Vuon Chuoi Market (No.335, Điện Biên Phủ Street, District 3), this food stall is one of the best places to try the quintessential dish in Saigon. The owner, also the main chef of this food stall, is from Nam Dinh – a province of the middle part. Therefore, this variation of sizzling pancakes is little different than Saigon’s sizzling pancake recipes.

All of these eats are considered to one of the best foods in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are keen on navigating the back-alley life and interested in good food, make sure that you include one of the eats above into your tour itinerary in Ho Chi Minh.