Ho Chi Minh City attractions are vibrant mix of old and new, with well-preserved colonial structures and war relics from the devastating Vietnam War as well as sleek skycrapers, elegant sports clubs, and expansive shopping malls against a metropolis backdrop. Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City and see some suggested destinations.


Exploring Ho Chi Minh City is a great chance for you to immerge in the local culture. No two districts are the same in Ho Chi Minh City and there are plenty of ornate pagodas and Buddhist temples to visit and photograph as well. Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt (HCMC) zählt fast 7,7 Millionen Einwohner und erlebt derzeit eine Phase dynamischen Wirtschaftswachstums, industrieller Expansion und veränderter Landnutzung, was die Stadt zu einem attraktiven Geschäftsstandort macht und ihren Reichtum steigert. Siemens ist seit 1979 in Vietnam präsent und dort seit 1993 offiziell niedergelassen. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) with its nearly 7.7 million inhabitants is witnessing a dynamic phase of economic growth, industrial expansion and land use change which is transforming the city's fortunes and attracting business opportunities. Siemens has been present in Vietnam since 1979 and was officially established since 1993.

Place to visit

What to see: Cao Dai Temple near Ho Chi Minh Completed in 1955 when the Cao Dai Army was formed following the Japanese occupation of Indochina, Cao Dai Temple believes that all religions are ultimately the same and seek to promote tolerance throughout the world. The Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Confucius, in addition to Joan of Arc and Julius Cesar are all honoured at this temple. cao-dai-temple Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh Emperor Jade Pagoda, also known as Tortoise Pagoda, is one of the five most important shrines in Ho Chi Minh City. Built at the turn of the 20th century by a community of Cantonese who migrated from Guangzhou province in Southwest China, this pagoda is a fine representation of Mahayanist branch of Buddhism that is practiced widely in Vietnam. jade-pagoda Mariamman Hindu Temple Saigon Mariamman Hindu Temple is a scared Hindu Temple delicated to the Godness of the Rain "Mariamman". This temple was built in the late 19th century by traders coming from India and has been well preserved. This complex is the only Hindu temple in Saigon and is believed to have miraculous powers giving luck and wealth to its visitors. The outer wall of the Temple has a collection of interesting statues of different gods and goddesses like Mariamman, Vishnu, Brahma and Ganesha. The main hall of the complex (The Rajagopuram) stands twelve metres tall and inside you find a well maintained statue of Mariamman flanked by her protectors "Maduraiveeran" and " Pechiamman". mariamman-hindu-temple Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh Built in the lat 1880s by French colonists , Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the few remaining strongholds of Catholicism in the largely Buddhist Vietnam. Located in Paris Square, the name Notre Dame was given after the installation of thstatue 'Peaceful Notre Dame" in 1959. notre-dame-cathedral-hochiminh Cu Chi Tunnels Cu Chi Tunnels is far Ho Chi Minh City to 70 km to the northwest. This is miniature battle versatile of the army and people of Cu Chi during the war raged for 30 long years against invaders for independence and freedom for the country. Cu Chi Tunnels consists of an unique architecture, deep in the underground with many stratums, such as arachnoid corner, with accommodation, meeting and fighting with a total length of over 200 km. cu-chi-tunnels-vietnamese-countryside-experience-3 What to do: Chinatown Cyclo Tour with Lunch: Zip through the tight alleys and charming lanes around Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City's massive Chinatown district. On your 3-wheeled ride, enjoy cruising past lantern-line shops and elegant pagodas as you scope out the sights in this colourful corner of the city. You will have great time to enjoy the unique features of this town. 25b1a36c7779447f99c461cb9193c319739a8971 Mekong Delta Cruise: Discover the vibrant tropical fruits, gardens, riverside locals, and boat ports as you cruise down the canals of the Mekong Delta. If your wooden boat, watch the passing homes on stilts, boat making workshops, and vendors along this scenic riverside cruise. mekong-eyes-cruise-from-saigon-to-phu-quoc

Travel tips

Customs and etiquette: Try to keep your cool regardless of the situation, heated behaviour is considered a loss of face for all parties involved and will not help the matter at hand. Money: Having some cash at hand is essential for market shopping, taxis and cyclos. Weather: The city has a tropical climate with two seasons: a rain season and a dry season. The most peasant time to visit Saigon is during the dry season when humidity is low and sightseeing dry. Transportation: Cyclos are the cheapest, easiest and most fun way to travel, especially for short distances. Taxis are also cheap and are the most comfortable way to travel. Accommodation: You can see some suggested Hotels in Ho Chi Minh: 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star hotels...