With its war pasture, Cu Chi tunnels in the history of the heroic struggle the people of Vietnam as a legend of the 20th century and became famous in the world. It reflects the difficulties of Vietnamese soldiers in wartime.


Cu Chi Tunnels is far Ho Chi Minh City to 70 km to the northwest. This is miniature battle versatile of the army and people of Cu Chi during the war raged for 30 long years against invaders for independence and freedom for the country. Cu Chi Tunnels consists of an unique architecture, deep in the underground with many stratums, such as arachnoid corner, with accommodation, meeting and fighting with a total length of over 200 km. addcc-private-tour-cu-chi-tunnels-half-day-original

The Real legends from the Tunnel are beyond human imagination. Just come in under a tunnel passage, you will understand why a small country like Vietnam could defeat the bigger and richest enemy. Why Cu Chi, poor land to cope uninterrupted for 21 years with an army of more than multiples, combative, equipped with weapons and implements of war modern art. In this duel, the people of Cu Chi were resounding victory. tunnel7-max-500

Place to visit

Based on the tunnel system, fortifications, trenches, soldiers and people of Cu Chi fought very bravely, setting up the war of arms. The American invaders first land in Cu Chi encountered fierce resistance from the tunnel in weak coverage area basis, exclaimed: “Village Underground”, “Password danger zone,” “Vietnamese community did not see where the ubiquitous “…. cu-chi-tunnels-half-day-tour_compressed

Our Ho Chi Minh tour will arrive at Cu Chi tunnels (Ben Dinh) and proceed to an underground hut to watch a short video and presentation about Cu Chi tunnels before having a real hand-on experience of what it took to live in the tunnels. Afterward, test tasting the steamed tapioca root which is the main staple food in Cu Chi during the war. For those interested, there is a great time to fire off an AK47 or MK16 with real ammunitions at the nearby shooting range. It could be one of your most memorable experience in your journey. chon-lam-maket-14118056817617

Or visitors can hire jeep to explore the historical beauty of Cu Chi Tunnels. cu-chi-tunnels-by-jeep-try-living-underground-small With its war pasture, Cu Chi tunnels in the history of the heroic struggle the people of Vietnam as a legend of the 20th century and became famous destination which attracted a large number of visitors annually in the world.

After you explore the tunnels, you will still have plenty of time to check out other nearby attractions such as the memorial temple, Cu Chi village, the shooting gallery, and even grab a bite to eat. Then it’s back to your taxi and Saigon, where you will still have the rest of the day to explore.

Travel tips

How to get there: You can start by hiring a taxi for the trip. You should do this the night before because you are going to want to get an early start to the day. The taxi will cost around 800000 VND, giving you a round trip to the tunnels and a taxi for six hours; each additional hour will cost 50000 extra. Have the taxi pick you up at 6:00, putting you in Cu Chi when it opens at 7:00. Another option is to do the trip your self by taking the local buses. This is what we did because we wanted to check out the public buses, and we wanted to go to the Ben Duoc tunnels, while most (or all) tour conpanies take you to the Ben Dinh tunnels. Go to the Ben Thanh bus station, which is opposite the Ben Thanh market.