Floating markets is agreed to be one among the can-not-miss experience in Southern Vietnam. There are a lot of travel agencies that offer a wide range of tours to Mekong Delta with various tour duration and floating markets are included in most of them.


Together with Cai Be and Phung Hiep, Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho City is one of the three biggest in the Mekong Delta. The shops and stalls at the market are boats of different sizes. chonoi3 The market is about 6km from Can Tho or a 30-minute boat ride. While floating down town the river, you will glimpse life along its shores. You will pass vibrantly painted boats anchored along the shore, merchant vessels carrying loads down the river and houses built on stilts over the water. It can be sure that you will feel very exciting when visiting Mekong Delta Tours.

Place to visit

The floating markets are one of the most interesting sights in the Delta which reflects the life of coastal residents. Cai Rang Floating Market is opened all day but it is busiest from sunrise to about 9am. Therefore, it is better time for you to go to the floating markets from 6 to 7 o’clock in the morning. The main items sold in this market are farm products and specialties of Cai Rang Town, Chau Thanh District and neighboring areas. Every boat has a long upright pole at its bow on which samples of the goods for sale are hung. From those samples, visitors can know what are sold in this boat without hearing their crying, just seeing from far distance.hqdefault During the early morning market hours, larger sized boats anchor and create lanes that smaller boats weave in and out of. The waterway becomes a maze of hundreds of boats packed with mango, bananas, papaya, pineapple, and even smuggled goods like cigarettes. Small boats that sell beer, wine and soft drinks go among the other boats to serve market-goers and visitors in amazing floating market tour in Can Tho.cho-noi Each boat is loaded with plenty of seasonal goods all which are planted by local people with careful observation. Activities at the market are also an occasion for tourists to study the cultural aspects of southerners. You can see the market in the distance. However, it does not look like much, just a mass of colorful boats. The boats all display their wares on a mast so you can see what they have available.

Travel tips

How to get there I suggest heading down to Can Tho on your own and booking things yourself, as you will be able to pick your bus, room and boat while saving some money. Certainly, any hotel in Can Tho will have tour options at its desk or, if you want to book a boat ride yourself, simply go to the Can Tho downtown waterfront on Hai Ba Trung and negotiate directly with one of the many boats you will find along the shore. Just remember to get there early or the boats will leave without you. Where to stay Visitors can stay in Mekong Hotel, which will be convenient for you to go to the market earlier. Early time helps you choose fresh fruits.